Mrs. Close's Math News

Friday, November 8th, 2019

One of the great components of EM4 (Everyday Math Program) is that it offers a cumulative assessment after every other unit. You'll find your child's corrected Unit 2 Cumulative Assessment in his/her Friday Folder. It's great to go back and formally assess those skills that were already taught! This week, our major focus was on creating and recognizing equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. There are about six different strategies that can be used to decide which fraction is bigger or smaller. Ask your 4th grader and see if they can explain any of them to you! During the upcoming week, the kids will continue to compare and order fractions and we'll jump into tenths and hundredths! The corrected November CML Challenge will come home in next week's Friday Folder. Thanks again for the continued support with basic multiplication fact work!