Otisco Lake Newsletter

December 2015

Geva Theatre

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We will be traveling to GEVA Theatre to see an adaptation of the play A Christmas Carol. Permission slips are due on Thursday, December 10th along with $10. Students cannot attend without written permission. Students will need to bring a peanut free bag lunch on the trip and we ask that students dress appropriately for the theater experience. Expectations have been discussed in English classes.

Team Class Updates

Math - Mrs. Mapstone

In math we are starting new chapters in all classes and the tests will all be given before break. Enriched math is starting percent’s while other math classes are working on multi-step equations and inequalities. Calculators are now allowed in all math classes so please start bringing them in everyday to use in class and on homework’s. While calculator may be used, please remember all work must still be shown. This means students still need to write each step down but now they can use a calculator to do the arithmetic faster. The calculator we are using in class is either the TI-30XS or TI-30XII. They can be found at Walmart or Staples.

Enriched math will be learning through the flipped model once again. Our Math class will begin a new chapter (Chapter 2) where we study tax, tip, commission, discounts and other concepts relating to money. As an incentive to using this knowledge and applying it to real concepts, we are ordering food for lunch on Friday, December 18th. This is entirely optional and in no way will reflect the students' grade if they choose not to order. I have contacted a local business, Mac's Philly Steaks, and they will deliver free of charge. If your child wishes to order, they are asked to give me their order and money by Tuesday, December 15th. (Mac's need to make sure they have enough ingredients for the large order.) Their "homework" is to calculate the cost, tax (7.5%) and tip (5%) of their order. The food will be delivered at lunch time and will not interrupt the typical class schedule, so if your child does not wish to participate that's fine. If you would like to visit Mac's website and view the menu, the website is www.macsphillysteaks.com.
If you have any questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Social Studies - Mrs. Mariano

Currently, students are learning about the events that led to the American Revolution. To enhance this unit, we are watching some scenes from the movie, John Adams, which coincides nicely with our curriculum. I highly recommend it to families as something to watch together over the winter break. It is currently available on Amazon Prime for any of you who are members. Students truly seem to enjoy this, even though the accents and vocabulary are often difficult for them to understand.

I have not yet set a date for the test on this unit, but it will be before the break, so students need to be studying as we go. It is a long unit and waiting until the last minute is not recommended.

Students will continue to be asked to read current news articles and hand in a written response each week. I would like to stress that the assignment is to personally respond and not to summarize the article. If they do not like my choice of articles, they are welcome to choose their own but must either bring in a copy or e-mail it to me so I can know what they read about.

English - Mrs. Wolf

This month, we will be reading/performing an adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” by Israel Horovitz. Throughout the reading, we will be analyzing the text to determine how Charles Dickens’s societal concerns during the Victorian Era are reflected in the play. We will also be looking at whether literature can encourage social change. Throughout this unit, students will be completing multiple short responses as well as a unit exam.

In addition to our reading, students are expected to be reading their independent reading books. Independent reading books were assigned in mid-November and a project is due on Monday, December 14th. These projects will be presented to the class. Homework in English class will mainly be to work on the independent reading book project since the play will be read entirely in class.

Please note student permission slips to attend GEVA’s performance of “A Christmas Carol” on Tuesday, December 15th, have been sent home and are due by Thursday, December 10th.

Science - Mr. MacNeil

Students in Science are right in the middle of the cell unit. In addition to learning about the parts that make up cells, everyone has had a chance to view their own cells under the microscope. The second half of our work will focus on how the cell parts work together to carry out the life processes all organisms must perform to survive. Look for a unit exam on cells shortly before Christmas Break.

Special Education - Mrs. Ward

This month, in ELA, we will be looking at the Victorian Era and Charles Dickens’s background as we prepare ourselves to begin reading/performing an adaptation of “A Christmas Carol.” We will be discussing the many different drama terms and learning stage direction in preparation for our GEVA field trip on December 15th.

In math, we recently began a new chapter dealing primarily with algebraic expressions.

Important Dates

  • 12/10- Permission Slips and $10 to Geva Theatre Due
  • 12/11- Fun Night- 7th & 8th grade- 6 - 8 pm
  • 12/14- ELA Book Project Due
  • 12/15- Trip to Geva Theatre
  • 12/15- Enriched Math Mac Luncheon Orders Due
  • 12/18- Enriched Math Luncheon
  • 12/23- Last day of school in 2015