Digital Citizenship Bullletin

Word wall, Definitions, Articles, Bible Passages

Word Wall

Citizenship- root word- citizen- suffix- ship

Passages- root word- passage- suffix- s

Romans- root word- Roman - suffix- s

Corinthians- root word- Corinthian- suffix- s


Citizenship- a person who is a citizen of a country. You have the right to be able to do more things.

Passages- a letter, written to someone (example: Romans & Corinthians)

Romans- people who thought that they were better than each other.

Corinthians- Also people who thought that they were better than each other.



Our names are: Teni, Zachary, and Mr. Brown We were supposed to do an bulletin board about Digital Citizenship, (Romans and Corinthians).

The Family Life part is- Community, Signs of a good community, & How to be a good community member.

The Religion Part is- How it relates to Romans and Corinthians, how it has the Virtue of solidarity, and the Mandate of apostles

The Digital Citizenship part has- Define Digital Citizenship, the Rules of digital citizenship, examples of Digital Citizenship, and Human vs Human.

We have links, pictures, definitions, word walls, and etc.

The definition of the mandate of apostles is to teach other people about Jesus and God. In other words, to teach others about God and Jesus. A way to learn about that, is to go to church, or to pray daily.The virtue of solidarity is to share interest, or to help other people who ar Erin need, or poor. For example, humans for humans. People are showing the virtue of solidarity by making all these charities to help people who need a home, food, clothing, and a better life.This relates to the Romans and the Corinthians. It does because Romans and Crointhians says that no one is better than each other, we are all different parts of the same body. If one suffers a load of pain, we should all suffer the same amount because we are all equal.

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