American Economy in 1920s

Zach Shore

Car Industry

The car industry was created. The 3 big producers were Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. A boom in the car industry came from Ford's with the legendary Ford Model - T. Mass production production had dropped its price to just $295 in 1928. By 1928, just about 20% of all Americans had cars.

African Americans

The African Americans were forced to do menial labour for very poor wages in southern states. They lived lives of misery in total poverty. The KKK made this misery worse. In the northern states, decent jobs went to the white population and discrimination was just as common in the north as it was in the South and many black families lived in ghettoes in the cities in very poor conditions.

Share Croppers

The share croppers of the south and mid-Americas. These people rented out land from landlords or got a mortgage payments they were evicted from the land. There was such a massive boost in food production that prices tumbled as farmers desperately tried to sell their produce and failed.


Gangsters started to use the more powerful models as getaway cars after robberies.