Felix and Antonio were one of the best boxers in the whole town and they were both best friends

Felix and Antonio were practicing for the Golden Gloves tournament. The Tournament will not allow any ties or draws only one can win.
The brothers did not realize but they when they step into that ring there friend ship could be over and they both want to box and be friends. Antonio said that we can still be friends even if one of us wins and the other loses. They both agreed on it. But Felix did not even say a word to him.

About the Golden Gloves tournament.

The Golden Gloves tournament

In 1995 Female boxers were included in the Golden Gloves tournament.

Boxers that got awarded the Golden Gloves moved on to be Professional boxers!

Usually If a Boxer won the Golden Gloves tournament they would be ably to meet professional boxers. The tournament would not allow any tie games only sudden death. The Golden Gloves tournament is the real deal!

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