By Roop Panesar

How to Escape:

1) Starting from your master's house in a southern state, escape the house quickly and quietly at night without being seen. Take any other darkies who want to leave as well.

2) Begin to travel north using the North Star as a guide. On a cloudy night, use the moss on trees. Moss always grows on the north side of tree trunks.

3) Hide during the day and run at night, all the while making sure to hide from slave catchers, overseers, dogs, and other dangers because of course you don't want to be part of a cruel flogging. You also don't want to end up dying like Denmark Vesey or Nat Turner.

4) Once you reach the Ohio River and are away from the Black Belt, you will have to cross it because dogs cannot track your sent through the water.

5) After crossing, you will reach Ohio or Indiana, meaning you are free.

6) However, remain cautious because you can still be caught. You have not completely escaped peculiar institution just yet. If you want to live without fear of being caught and sold again to a southerner, you may want to travel even more north to Canada.

7) It will take a while because you will have to somehow get past the Great Lakes region. Find some way of going around. After crossing the US and Canada border, you are a free human.

8) If instead of traveling toward the Ohio River you escaped to the Underground Railroad, you will have a conductor to guide you, a stationmaster to house you, and a stockholder who will give you money. Follow their instructions and you should reach freedom soon.

9) Get a job!!

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The Underground Railroad: A Journey to Freedom