West Olympia CC February 18

Foundations & Essentials Week 18, Challenge Week 6

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RESCHEDULED! Parent Equipping: Looking Ahead

February is a hard month for educators of every kind. Gray skies, bored with the work, feelings of monotony. Are you there??? Come and renew your vision of homeschooling as you remember what the goal is and the steps to get there. EVEN if you have come before - come and share your wisdom and encouragement - and get encouraged yourself!


Challenge Overview

Challenge A
  • Drawing and labeling the anatomy of the heart
  • Writing a persuasive essay on an issue of their choice from "The Door in the Wall."
  • Begin reading the Fallacy Detective

Challenge B

  • Learning about character development in Short Stories
  • REading "Defeating Darwinism" and natural selection
  • Decide what part they want to play in the Mock Trial

Challenge I

  • An At-home assessment: Choosing from a couple of options out of Henley to translate
  • REading short essays in "Penny Candy", like "One Reason Governments spend so much"
  • Continue to add to research as they develop their Research Paper

Challenge II

  • Translate assigned lines from “The Helvetian Drive to the West”
  • Read "Favorite Father Brown Stories" by G. K. Chesterton.
  • Review Frog Dissection, and finish Apologia Module 13 and take exam

Essentials Week 18

Remember the Faces of History meeting NEXT WEEK at noon to figure out the best time for this favorite event!
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Foundations Week 18: Digging Deeper

Here is a Khan Academy for El Greco - our Fine Arts for the week!

A neat video on Ocean Floor Topography, but he starts with a good explanation of Oceanic Crust and Continental Crust - a great integration with last week's Science grammar.

Here is some additional information on The Mound Builders.

Here is a TED talk about the weight of air. TED talks are AWESOME!


Week 19 starts our Orchestra unit and we will be studying Handel, Bach, and Mozart (Starting on page 184 of your Foundations Guide.)

Here is a great at-home activity that you might consider.

Information Meetings

If you have a friend, family member, or maybe you just want a refresher, come to any of the Information Meetings scheduled for this semester:

March 7, 7pm, West Side Panera, RSVP to Renee-Michelle at rmlkirk@hotmail.com

April TBA

Challenge I & II Yearbook Committee

Students from Challenge I & II are invited to participate in the yearbook committee headed up by Janice Uhlmeyer. If your student is interested in participating, please contact Janice at jandju@q.com.

Mark your Calendar: End of Year Celebration at Calvary Chapel, May 2. Set up at 4:30, Potluck, then Program starts at 7pm

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