Ms. Bolene's Newsletter

October Updates

Upgrade 1***

**Refrigerator card is going home today on our 3rd Unit of Study in Science, look on both front and back for important information. Test will be approximately in 2 weeks.

**Math Review going home today – we reviewed it in class today – Test is tomorrow!

**Report cards go home today!

**Picture Day is on Thursday, wear uniform!

**Class dojo is no longer accepted district wide. The behavior in class will be given immediate rewards and consequences by giving students tickets or taking them away. Same rules apply as we used before in class dojo. If the behavior is repetitive with many constant reminders from the teacher or more severe behavior occurred, this will be told to you through note, email, or on behavior charts. This is how all of 2nd grade will be doing behavior moving forward.

**Next week is Red Ribbon Week, paper is going home explaining all of the daily activities.

*If you need to meet with me for a conference if you have not done so already, please email me as soon as possible.

*Any other questions, please let me know! Thank you.

**Upgrade 2**

Hello Parents,

**I am attaching some parent letters that discuss about the new Unit we will be studying in Math, starting tomorrow. It includes information about the unit as well as things you can do with your child at home. I am also attaching the refrigerator card and a parent letter discussing the Science Unit we are currently learning. I hope this will help many of you to work with your children at home.

**As of right now, our Unit 3 Science test will be Monday, November 2nd, possibly the 3rd if it gets pushed back. I will give you the weekend to review their Science review. The Unit 3 Math test will not be until December 7th. Please be reviewing the attached information to help increase their understanding in the classroom.

**We will be having a Social Studies Map test on Monday 10/26. This test is over maps, including vocabulary such as compass rose, a map key, how we look and use maps. They will need to be able to interpret maps, tell me directions, where certain locations are, how to read a grip map, and how to draw a map with a map key. We have been reviewing this in class and I will send home a map packet we have been working on so that you can use it to study.

**I told the students today that they are allowed to bring a small toy car tomorrow 10/22 for a Science experiment we will be doing in class. If they do not have one, we will be working in small groups, so it is no problem.

**I told the kids that if they would like to have parents donate a pumpkin, paints, or carving tools, we will do a fun activity with this in our Science time.

**This Saturday is my birthday, so I have told the students that we will do a small celebration, which I just plan to bring cookies for everyone. If this is a problem for any of your children to participate in, please let me know.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope this information helps! Happy Wednesday!