Chaperone Instructions

Pensacola Naval Air Station - April 22

Thank You for Chaperoning

Thank you for agreeing to chaperone. I know you are excited to spend the day with your child. There are a few responsibilities each chaperone needs to take care of so we can have a safe day of learning!

Keep In Mind

Safety is the first priority. Second priority is making this a special day for them.

  • Try to refrain from having cell phones out unless it is necessary.
  • Talk to the children on the bus about things they like.
  • Teach them a little bit about the museum.
  • Help students to use proper behavior on and off the bus.

They look up to you and are excited to have this quality time with you! Even when talking to other chaperones, remember the children are listening and what is appropriate conversation.

What to Bring

You will need a sack lunch for yourself, and you may want a snack. Snacks for students will be provided.

Lunch is picnic-style. If you are able to bring a blanket or sheet for your group, you may find that more comfortable.


A snack has been provided. It is suggested you eat this while waiting on the air show to begin. You can use the ziplock to hold any trash from the snack.

Scavenger Hunt

Students have a scavenger hunt to complete. Please help them locate and learn about each item (or as many as possible). These will be returned to me when we are back on the bus. The chaperone can be the one writer of the group. Please write group names on top of your sheet.

Trip Rules

You have a sack with student name-tags, shirts, scavenger hunts, pencils, and snacks. Please keep this with you. We will put the name-tags and shirts on during the bus ride. We will eat snacks before returning to the bus for lunch.

Please stay with your assigned child and have them stay with you. It is important to know what children are with what group at all times.

Please stay off of the playgrounds (both indoors and out) as much as possible. Students need to tour and learn.

Please do not leave, or let students leave, without seeing me. I need to make sure each child leaves with the proper adult.

Stick to the itinerary!


7:00 am -- Buses arrive at WalMart (gas station side)

7:15 am -- Students arrive and load buses

7:30 am -- Depart WalMart

9:00 am -- Arrive at NAS (bathroom break)

9:15 am -- Tour NAS

11:30 pm -- Blue Angels begin practice

12:45 pm -- Lunch at picnic tables

1:15 pm -- Tour NAS (bathroom break)

1:45 pm -- Depart NAS

3:00 pm -- Arrive at WalMart


My number is ______________________ . You may text or call during the day if you need information or have any problems.