Weekly Announcements

February 22

Last week of February

March on the way!

The short week seemed longer than I had anticipated. Thank you for all of your hard work this week!


Thank you for your thoughtful posts on Padlet last week regarding students in poverty. Our jobs are complicated in that we must ensure that the basic needs of our kids are met before we can attend to their academic needs. Begin to think about how you are building and maintaining relationships with your students. How are you making sure that every student is made to feel important in your classroom each day? Click here for an article that talks about building relationships with your students.

SMART Goal Meetings

Monday 22nd

Kindergarten 1pm

1st Grade 2pm

Tuesday 23rd

2nd Grade 1pm

3rd Grade 2pm

Wednesday 24th

4th Grade 1pm

5th Grade 2pm

All in Angela's office

Come prepared to discuss your student's progress in Reading and math. Also your progress on your team goal. Also be ready to discuss strategies to address your students who continue to struggle.

We will start the class placement discussion also. More about the systems in place and planning for next year.

Loved this link for Black History on Google!

TELL Survey

If you have not completed this, please do! We only have 17 completed and we are shooting for 90%. We are at 40% now. Let's go team! You have until the 29th.

District Announcements

Some BSD Email Addresses to Change

Next week, Staff should be made aware of possible email addresses changing for Human Resources. Users who select from the name cache will experience bounced emails due to the inactivated email address.

To avoid non-delivery of emails, select email addresses from the directory rather than the name cache. To remove from the name cache, delete as instructed in the Removing Name Cache Quick Guide.

The quick guide has been posted on the Staff Intranet > IT > IT Application Support & Training > Microsoft Outlook page

New Log-In for Opening State Testing Sessions

I.T. has created a new log-in procedure for opening the Smarter Balanced/OAKS/ELPA secure testing browser in macs. Instead of using oaks/go, please use testing/go instead. This log-in should also be used for accessing the practice tests on macs.

Please continue to use oaks/go for PCs and Chromebooks.

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