Update to Inlet View Families

Kindy's start school this week!

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Dear Inlet View Parents, guardians, and students,

Thank you for a great start of the school year. I was so excited to see all students in zoom classes. Even though they look like they've grown up a lot, in my mind, they're still our little ones. Thank you for your support, making sure your children have the technology available and a dedicated space for school to participate and engage in their virtual classroom.

As a school, we will continue to do our regular morning announcements, pledge of allegiance, and the IB learner profile every Monday to start our weeks with a positive mindset.

In the next two weeks, students will be getting familiar with the new reading and mathematics diagnostic assessment iReady. Students in grades K-12 who are enrolled in ASD at School will take this diagnostic assessment. The diagnostic assessments are designed to provide teachers and parents with information about where a student is ready to learn, including areas of strength and concern.

  • Reading

    • iReady - Grades K-10, Grades 11-12 Tier III Courses

  • Mathematics

    • iReady - Grades K-8

    • ALEKS PPL – Grades 9-12

The diagnostic assessments are designed to enable personalized, online instruction with lessons based on individualized learning needs to support your student’s learning. Therefore, students must complete the diagnostic assessments independently. Classroom teachers will be providing information and guidance on how to access and complete the diagnostic assessments.

Please visit the iReady Help Portal for Educators and Parents to learn more: https://www.curriculumassociates.com/review/anchorage

Thank you for your continuous support and here's to a wonderful week at Inlet View.

In education,

Patricia Ahrens

Your Principal

The following information aims to give you an overview of what the school day should look like for your child, expectations for teachers, students and how you can support your child and us here at school.

Distance Learning Platform

The school utilizes Canvas an online learning environment where teachers and students can collaborate. Teachers will post assignments, important announcements, and videos weekly to support your child(ren).

Elementary Instructional Day

All students are able to participate in the following:

  • Synchronous Face to Face Morning Meeting four times a week
  • Synchronous lessons four times a week (P.E and Spanish soon)
  • Daily live online help available- Office Hours
  • Daily suggested lessons, assignments, and activities
  • Asynchronous Morning Message on Wednesdays
  • Assignments to work Asynchronous five days a week
  • Online support Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • Attendance at the elementary level will be taken during any Synchronous lessons but may also be collected as a matter of engagement in with the work and digital materials.

What you can expect from our teachers:

  • Teachers deliver instruction and administer various formative assessments through Canvas Classroom with other supplemental resources.
  • Teachers post assignments and instructions daily.
  • Instructional videos for ELA, Math, and other subjects will be available once instruction starts.
  • Teachers provide login information regarding online access to resources including iReady.
  • Teachers contact parents to inform about their child’s progress
  • Teachers post relevant supplemental materials to support students with instructional delivery of content such as annotated notes, PowerPoint presentations, documents, and/or website links.
  • Teachers track student engagement and issue participation grades accordingly for each core subject.
  • Teachers are readily available during Virtual Office Hours each day regarding questions about assignments and/or instructional material. (via email, online chat messages, zoom conferencing, etc.)

What we expect from students:

NOTE: Younger students will need assistance from a family member.

  • Students should log in to each of their Canvas (via Clever) Account on a daily basis and remain engaged throughout the lesson.
  • Students will need to complete all required assignments and submit these as directed by their teacher.
  • Students should watch all videos posted each week in their entirety and/or participate in live video lessons as instructed.
  • Students must understand that all assignments, quizzes, tests, and daily online engagement will count toward his/her quarterly grade in each class.
  • Students should contact teachers (via email, online chat messages, video conferencing, etc.) during teachers' office hours if they have any questions and/or concerns pertaining to the class, lesson, or assignment.

How can families help?

  • Ensure that your child is checking their Canvas Course on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that your child is watching all videos and/or participating in live video lessons for each of their core classes each week.
  • Ensure that your child is completing all required assignments and submitting these to his/her teacher by the due date.
  • Monitor your child’s progress via Q parent connect.
  • Encourage your child to reach out to their teacher if they have any questions or concerns or need any extra help!

Lessons will or may be recorded for later access by students enrolled in the course. Students are not required to display their live image through the video function. Cameras capture not only the student but also background content within the camera’s frame. More information on this to come.

Mark your Calendars!

August 20- 24 Meet your teacher (Kindergarten ONLY)

August 25 Kindergarten First Day

August 24- Sept 11 iReady Diagnostic Assessment

Sept 7 Labor Day Holiday

Check this gallery pictures from our students during their first day back at school.

Feel free to send more pictures of your kids for the next editions and if you agree to share them on the school's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you!