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Spring brings Mexican Invasion?

SINCE THE ACTIONS of the Lamar presidency affected Mexico, Mexican forces have launched raids into Texas. Mexican General Rafael Vasquez and his 700 troops had captured San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria, but only to leave Texas and return to Mexico shortly after. Many people think that there will be another invasion and soon to come. Reporter Mary Ann Lee took a trip to San Antonio and this is what she heard from the people. "Many of us were scared that they wouldn't leave. They was comin' through town like a bullet train." Ms. Lee also went around town and asked if there was another invasion coming or if they were safe. "If we were safe we would be sittin' on the porch sippin' cool lemonade, but there is a ginormous chance they be comin' again."

Cannon Fire From Our Own People?

After the incident with General Rafael Vasquez, Texans started to panic. Many of them feared of an invasion on our Texas capitol, Austin. President Houston ordered the documents in Austin be taken away. Many people in Austin disliked this, thinking the capitol may be moved back to the city of Houston. When we first tried Houston as the capitol it was hard for people to participate in government. So when the people of Austin found out the Archives were going to be withdrawn they took action. Residents of Austin led by Angelina Eberly fired a cannon at officials who were loading the documents onto wagons. The battle was quick but Austin had the documents in the end. We spoke with Angelina after the conflict and this is what we heard. "We saw earlier in the Republic that Houston was a bad capitol, so why should we try it again. Austin is just a better place for government to take place, and that's why we fired at them to keep people like us involved." -Angelina Eberly

Background of Angelina Eberly

Angelina was born in Summer County Tennessee on July 2, 1798 and she moved to Texas and opened an inn and tavern in San Felipe de Austin from 1825 to 1834. When her husband died she continued running the tavern until she married Captain Jacob Eberly and they opened up the Eberly House. When Sam Houston ordered the removal of the Archives Angelina led a revolt and blasted a six pound cannon at the officials loading the documents. She is the reason why Austin still have the Archives what a brave woman she is!

Annual Baseball Tournament

Saturday, Oct. 8th 1842 at 2pm

Austin Field

Come join us for a couple games October 8! Lemonade is a penny, and a brownie is a nickel! So come on out and have some fun at the field!