Travelling Workcamp in rural China

July 20 - July 31, 2015

Features of the Project

  • Theme of the Service Tour: Travelling Workcamp in rural China
  • Date: 20th July - 31st July
  • Service Tour Places: Yunnan Province and Beijing
  • Content: organizing activities for rural children in Yunnan; culture exchange in Beijing, Create a short documentary about life and diversity in rural China






  • 雲南:為山區孩童組織活動;
  • 北京:進行文化交流;製作關於中國城市與鄉村的多元化簡短紀錄片

Participants Requirement

  • Hong Kong citizens aged between 18 and 29
  • Number of Participants: 15
  • Have not participated in a government sponsored program to Mainland China before
  • Interested in film making (not a must)
  • Interested in exploring diversity in China


  1. 持有香港身份證的18歲至29歲青年
  2. 參加者名額:15名
  3. 之前沒有參加過受政府資助的到內地交流活動
  4. 對攝影和電影製作感興趣(非必要)
  5. 對中國的多元化感興趣

Introduction about the project

This summer, SCI Hong Kong China aims to organize a travelling workcamp to Yunnan and Beijing. Yunnan is the most ethnically diverse province in China. Through this tour, SCI would like to bring inspiration from another side of the world to empower the youth in this region. Cultural and social interaction between Beijing and other cities marks the capital one of the most colorful cities in the world. How do young Beijing people think about Hong Kong? What is their perception about China? You can find out the similarities and also differences and how diverse China is.

Travel across China, get engaged with locals, learn about their lives and contribute to the local community by volunteering!

Learn, share, empower others and yourself!






  • Fees: 800 HKD

  • 費用:800 港幣