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Chapter 6 Recap

Chapter 7... Division Time!

I cannot believe we are already on Chapter 7! This has been a great week of blogging and video notes from everyone! Thank you so much for opening your practice while also helping me improve upon my own!

In a couple of weeks we will be asking for your feedback on this book study experience. We will love to hear about what you learned, what you liked, what could be improved upon and if you would like to see learning experiences like this in the future. Please be thinking about these questions as we finish our ending chapters!

My K-2 people, in this chapter I would love to hear/see the ways in which division begins to develop in the younger grades with sharing situations!

As we learn together, please understand that the material I post or share is not necessarily meant to be the "how to" guide of Number Talks, but more a topic of conversation we can all learn more from. Thank you to those brave enough to open and share your journeys with us, I truly appreciate it! If you would like to comment or pose questions on any of the material in the newsletter, please feel free to visit the appropriate platform and engage in conversations!

Have a Great Weekend!


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