Why We Should Eat Meat

By: Hope Schneider

Reasons to eat meat

You should eat meat for several reasons.

  • Meat is high in minerals that can help with metabolism and form tissue.
  • It is high in protein that repairs tissue, builds tissue, and helps the immune system.
  • It also contains vitamins that help promote vision, strong teeth, and strong bones and also help mental health.
  • Livestock also help by turning plants that we can't or won't eat into something we do eat. They eat the plants and turn it into meat or other animals products.
  • We get other products from animals that we use often such as animal food, leather, cosmetics, gelatin, fertilizer, and wool.
  • If we didn't butcher animals at all the amount of them might grow out of control.
  • Also if we don't eat meat people would lose their jobs because there are many that rely on animals such as butchers, meat packaging plants, meat processing plants, and plants that make by-products.

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