Self Discovery

What I Have Discovered About Myself

Learning style

There are 3 main ways that most people learn- visual, tactical, auditory. Visual learners learn by seeing things happen in a lab for example, while tactical learners need to be the ones doing the lab. Auditory learners learn by hearing people speak. Personally, I am least auditory. According to a learning style test, I am only 10% auditory, while I am 50% tactical and 40% visual. I would learn better doing a lab in science that I would watching somebody do the lab.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to detect your emotions and the emotions of people around you. It is a social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one's own and others' feelings and emotions. If somebody is socially intelligent, they have a remarkable ability of managing their feelings. I know that I have a very high emotional intelligence, and to be successful I need to maintain this.

Social Style

Many people are different socially. This commonly impacts the way that we learn. An introvert is someone who is more independent and doesn't do as well learning in a group. The person who works in a group and is more collaborative is an extrovert. In the current school system, it is looked down upon somewhat if you are an introvert because there is an emphasis on learning in groups. However, a study does show that the introverts actually are more successful because their occupations don't require them to work in groups. It is also proven that introverts have a higher emotional intelligence which enhances the success of everyone. According to my learning style quiz, I am nearly equal at each; I have the qualities of each. I was 75% interpersonal which has more qualities of an extrovert, which means that I would do well solving a problem with a partner or working on a big project with a large group (as shown in picture). But, I was also 69% intrapersonal which has the qualities of an introvert. I do agree with this, I work well with others while at the same time I am efficient individually.


Grit is a combination of passion and motivation to meet a long term goal. According to Angela Duckworth, grit is the single most important thing that you could have in order to be successful. All pro athletes and major business owners who started from the ground up have one thing in common; grit. Grit is the combination of some of the most important things needed for success. In order to reach a long term goal, you need to be passionate, motivated, and need to persevere through hardships. According to the grit test, I am 65% gritty, which is better than average, but is still not quite where I would like to be. There is still more room for improvement as there are 35% of people left who are grittier than I am, but now with my knowledge of what grit is I have of grit. In a team competition, if someone is gritty then they have the edge.

Communication Style

Communication style is slightly different for everyone. The 4 main styles of communication are assertive, aggressive, passive, and passive aggressive. Aggressive and assertive are the most similar of all, but there are differences. Assertive is well thought out, direct comments while aggressive is where you have no thought in what you say, and can be inconsiderate of others.

Positive Psychology

This particular area of psychology focuses on how to help human beings prosper and lead healthy and happy lives. The ones aspire to encounter meaningful lives find the best of what is within themselves, and look to enhance their work, play, and family. The theory of positive psychology is that if you maintain a positive attitude with what you do, which is focusing on your strengths, you will be successful.