Your Google Classroom Is Your FIrst Stop

Sign into Google... not Chrome...

I know you can get to Google Classroom either way, however, it is more effective (faster) to login into Google first.


Select the Title of Assignment

You have to select the title and actually open it up. Read comments (if applicable) from your teacher.

As always, corrections or re-do's are accepted - up until three days before the end of the six weeks. However, if you choose to do nothing in class, you will have to discuss special requirement options of making the assignment up.

Every Day!

Check for assignments to be submitted. As you know, I always want you to turn in your work and Google Classroom is the most common option.

Ask for help! Raising your hand is the most prominent way to get attention from a teacher. Not yelling or mumbling their name.

Listen, Learn, Grow Mentally