Come To Indian Island

Spend the weekend at this wonderful place

Fun Activities

Here on Indian island we have many exciting activities. On the beach we have a yoga class from 12-2 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For young children there is a water park available with many water slides. There are also many beach toys such as the banana boat and the tricycle. Lastly, you can swim with the dolphins in deep or shallow water.
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Great Food

Indian Island offers all types of amazing foods from fish to burgers. Some of our famous fish are Albacore Tuna, Salmon, and Oysters. We are known for our fish dishes and i promise you will not be disappointed.
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"Come to Indian Island where you can forget about all your worries and just relax. I have been to the island 3 times and i loved it more and more each time i went, i would 100% go again. I loved all the activities they had for the kids, and adults too. Also, the food was great." - Maria from Nj
Lanikai Beach Cove Calm Waves


"Young Elmer Robson, the American millionaire, had actually built the place. Spent thousands on it, so it was said. Every mortal luxury. . . ." -page 10

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