Caregiver Series:Spaces & Schedules

Newsletter & Episode 1

In this episode Michelle and Kristin discuss the why and how to setting up learning spaces and schedules. Watch the video to get more ideas or scroll down to see section by section.
Caregiver Series: Learning Spaces & Schedules

Learning Spaces

Why a learning space?

Creating a specific place for learning helps keep everyone organized and signals the brain to shift from "home" to "school" mode. Spaces can be flexible and change based on the task the child is completing. For example, for class meetings the kitchen table or a hard space may be helpful while independent work can be completing in a more comfortable space.

See Caregiver Series 2: Increasing Focus for ideas on flexible seating!

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Learning Space Resources


Why create a schedule?

Teachers have shared schedules that help you see when your child needs to be on live meets and has suggestions for when to complete independent tasks. Use that schedule, as well as the week at a glance, to create a specific schedule for your child. As we know there is power in choice and we would recommend talking with your child to get an understanding of when they want to complete tasks, but ultimately the best schedules are consistent every day. Too much choice creates chaos, while consistency creates calm.
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