unit 4

TV, Music & Reading

What is your favorite TV program?

We like arrow, frizenbreak and spartacus. seung hyun Hwang likes Prisonbreak. Because, Use the character to escape the contents of the head. sung wook Kim likes spartacus. Because, It is a war movie.

What newspaper and magazines do you read?

We like time magazine, fortune magazine and sure magazine. seung hyun Hwang likes time magazine. Because, Three men's fashion is cool.

sung wook Kime likse fortune magazine. Because,The forty years old men were earning a lot of money because of the project.

which game show do you like the best why?

We like Wipeout. Because, The general public in order to have 40 million won to the hurdle race.
Winter Wipeout - Series 1 Episode 4

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

The movie is like the advertisement.This is a non-smoke can make to help .

The movie is favorite hate advertisement. Advertising is the second video cutter. This is the self-injurious behavior cutter to advertise.

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