Harsh Winters in Iowa!

Tanner Howard, 05 January 2016

Winter Car Crash Compilation 8 /2015/ NEW - CCC :)

“How are you affected by the winter months living in Iowa?”

Impacts on the daily population!!

Many different ways people are seeing their daily schedules impacted:

  • Busy scheduling (Marinaro, Alan) "The North Pacific-Driven Severe Midwest Winter Of 2013/14."
  • Utility damages (Otkin, Jason A) "Assimilation Of Surface-Based Boundary Layer Profiler Observations During A Cool-Season Weather Event Using An Observing System Simulation Experiment. Part I: Analysis Impact."
  • Invention of news broadcasting (Peterson, Thomas C) "Monitoring And Understanding Changes In Heat Waves,
    Cold Waves, Floods, And Droughts In The United States."
  • Researching the reason why people are impacted so much (Ikeda, Kyoko) "Evaluation Of Cold-Season Precipitation Forecasts Generated By The Hourly Updating High Resolution Rapid Refresh Model."
  • Transportation impact

How will you be impacted by this?

  • Daily schedules
  • Interacting with the population


  • take the time to prepare for the winter months