Andrew Jackson Worst President ever

Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears involved the Cherokee Indians. They had to walk from Georgia to Oklahoma. During the walks there were many droughts, dry weather, and Snow. Some said that it was so cold the lakes were frozen. Almost half of the Indians died.

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis was when Jackson had the power to use the US army to force the south to pay taxis. The south was angry because they couldn't pay taxes and did not like tariffs. South Carolina threatened to secede but the US army put them back into their place.

Battle of New Orleans

The battle of New Orleans was fought between the British and US Jackson was the General of the US army at the time and had a battle winning plan. The US army ducked down behind a tall wall just shooting everyone. People thought Jackson was a brilliant General.

Political Cartoon

In the political cartoon Jackson is wearing a kings outfit because that is what some people thought of him as. In the cartoon it looked like he loved the power and wanted as much as he could get. In his hand you see a paper that says veto. It is probably because that was his favorite thing to do, veto everything.


Its been exactly 51 days. We all are very Hungary and about 28 people have died. Last month was probably the worst month we have ever experienced. It was really snowy. One day we passed by a lake, the entire like was frozen. There has been many nice days but we were still very Hungary and thirsty. This is all Jackson's fault. If I were to come close to him I would kill him in an instant.


After two weeks the British are finally retreating. The battle strategy was amazing. The idea that General Jackson had helped us very much to win the battle. Not many soldiers died but below us were hundreds of dead British soldiers. I felt so alive after that battle. It was our second time beating Britain and we all feel great.