Babysitting Services!!

By Julianne Youngblood

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Break Time!!

Do you as a parent ever need a break? Well that's when my services come in! I can take care of 1-5 children at a time from all ages. Just make sure you can leave me a list of things they're allergic to and when they need to be in bed by. I can also cook!

A Comment From A Parent

As a parent I know how hard it is to leave your child. I left the poor girl with my 4 kids. I expected at least one thing would go wrong. As soon as I got home I checked if each of them were in bed. I can tell you now that they were out cold. She said they were perfect! I need her there everyday. They absolutely loved her.

Pricing For All Ages

1 child- $8 (an hour)

2 children- $10 (an hour)

3 children- $12 (an hour)

4-5 children- $15 (an hour)