Arab-Israeli conflict solution

By : Nina Fernandes

Arab-Islraeli conflict

The Jews built a temple, but the Babylonians came and burned it down and scattered the Jews. The Jews got back together to rebuild it. Then came the Romans they burned it and scattered the Jews all over the middle east. The only remains of the burned down temple was the foundation called the Temple mount. Then the Muslims built a church and a building over the place Muhammad ascended to heaven, on top of the Temple mount. Thats where Christians come in, Christians from europe came to support the jews and help the Jews in war. The Muslims got the land. The Jews asked the United Nations if they could have their land back because they were forced out of it, but the Muslims said the Jews left and they just came in. United Nations started letting Jews back in small groups at a time. But the Jews wanted the land to themselves, finally the United Nations let them have their land for a fresh new start. The Jews wanted to get rid of the things the Muslims built on top of their Temple mount, the Muslims wanted the opposite. To this day the Jews and Muslims fight, debate, and have conflict. That is why 9/11 occurred. Some theorize world war III will occur if the Jews and Muslims keep conflict going.


To solve the Arab-Israeli conflict the Islams could rebuild an identical temple to the one the Jews built and put their sacred buildings on top of temple 2, that way the Jews have their own temple and the Islams could have theirs. The Jews and Islams should make peace because if they do, then this conflict will end and every one will have their share. Or the Jews could section off their part of their temple and the Islams could build a wall there dividing the Jews and Islams. The Jews can build on to their side of the temple make it their own, and as I've said before the only way we could make this work is for them to make peace and the way we could do that is they try to make a seperate religion that could be called the Arab-Israeli religion where the Islams respect and follow both the Jewish and Islamic religion and prayers and the same for the Jews.