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Some facts

Turkey is a little bit larger than Texas. Lowland plains curve along Turkey's three coasts. Many severe earthquakes often happen in northern Turkey.

The Amazing Turkey

About Turkey

One term about the country Turkey is silt. Silt are small partcles of rich soil. Silt flows along inside of sertain rivers. This has to do with Turkey because Turkey has rivers and sertain rivers has silt flowing inside of them.

More About Turkey

Another term about the country Turkey is desalinization. Desalinization is the process used to make seawater drinkable for people. This is important for Turkey because the people there live right by the ocean, and ocean water has a lot of salt in it.


What is the area of Turkey? The area of Turkey is 302,535 sq. miles. That is with the land and the water combined to get that area.

More questions

How many bodies of water are there in Turkey? There are 48 bodies of water that we know of right now. Some names of the bodies of waters are Lake Tuz, The Black Sea, and Lake Van.

Even more questions

What is the population in Turkey? The population is 74.93 million people in the country of Turkey. Counting the dying, and the new borns.