EcoHeat S Review - Is It Worth It?

Does EcoHeat S Really Work? Read Our Report

For many people, staying warm and cozy during the cold season is almost a luxury, because the use of most heaters is accompanied by pretty high electricity bills. Introducing the revolutionary EcoHeat S, a portable space heater that immediately delivers heat to wide sections of the room, while saving you valuable money thanks to its low energy consumption. Find out from our unbiased report if EcoHeat S really heats up your space in a rapid and energy-efficient manner.

What Is EcoHeat S?

Designed with discerning yet budget-minded users in mind, EcoHeat S is an innovative compact space heater that provides wide-angle heating, covering up to 79 square meters. Despite its small size, EcoHeat S heats up a whopping 70-degree angle in your room, so you and your family can stay warm and comfortable even when it's very cold outside. All you have to do is press the "Turn" button, which prompts hot air to circulate through your space.

EcoHeat S incorporates a revolutionary PTC ceramic heating element that heats up your space in as little as 2 seconds, smart LED thermostat control so you can easily adjust the temperature, a digital display screen, and on/off timer, among other advanced features. EcoHeat S is portable, very safe, quiet, doesn't take too much space and doesn't increase your energy bill, because unlike most other electric heaters, it is extremely energy-efficient. EcoHeat S is also versatile and can be safely used for home, office, and travel.

Why Do I Need EcoHeat S?

Even if you live in an insulated home with central heating, a portable electric heater is necessary to improve the comfort levels in your home. The need for extra heat during the cold season is especially true if small children and/or seniors live in your home. Upon turning on the main power switch ( providing up to 1200 Watts of working power), all you have to do is turn on the heater and then choose the Mode you prefer ( Hot/Warm/Natural Wind), depending on your specific heating needs. EcoHeat S is 100% energy-efficient because it turns all the energy it uses into heat, so it's a money-saving option.

Combining a modern, oscillating design, with versatility, flexibility and impressive functionality, EcoHeat S is the ideal ceramic device that can be used year-round either as an efficient heater during the cold season or a cool blow fan during the warm months. Its oscillating, sleek design.for a premium finish makes EcoHeat S a great, aesthetically-appealing addition to your home or office and it can be easily carried to any room for added convenience. Moreover, its advanced built-in safety features ( fire-retardant design and tip-over and overheat protection) provide you with peace of mind, while reducing your heating costs.

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EcoHeat S Main Features and Benefits

Thanks to its cutting-edge built-in technology and advanced features, EcoHeat S provides users with a impressive array of benefits, as follows:

-EcoHeat S instantly and efficiently heats up any room while taking up minimal space, making it ideal for any indoor spaces in your home or office

-Its adjustable LED thermostat provides either 600 Watts of power (Low-Heat) or 1200 Watts of power (High-Heat) to suit your needs year-round

-Thanks to its PTC ceramic heating element, ECoHeat S heats up your space in just 2 seconds, and its 70-degree angle covers up to 79 square meters

-EcoHeat S uses ABS fire retardant materials, over-heat protection and tip-over protection to ensure safety for all your family members, even children

-Offers convenience at your fingertips, with its easy to access controls such as the LED display that allows you to achieve the desired temperature

-Stylish, energy-efficient, portable and safe to use anytime and anywhere in various indoor spaces, EcoHeat S is your ideal heater for use year-round.

-It stays cool to the touch, tuns off automatically if tipped over by accident and provides a whopping 70-degree angle coverage in just seconds.

EcoHeat S Rating and Recommendation

With the help of our editors, we tested EcoHeat S both in office environment (group A) and home environment ( group B) to see if it really heats up the space quickly and efficiently. Upon a first glance, our editors were impressed by the oscillating, sleek design of this black, cylinder-like ceramic heater. At the end of the test, they said they were pleasantly surprised by the power, energy efficiency and multi-functionality of this innovative, stylish ceramic heater.

Both groups said that EcoHeat S really heated up their space within only 2 seconds, while providing wide area coverage of up to 79 square meters. Its integrated safety features, LED thermostat controls, three different functions to choose from,, portability and energy-saving benefits are some of the reasons why we highly recommend the advanced ceramic heater EcoHeat S.

EcoHeat S Reviews

Users who have already purchased this portable and safe ceramic heater are very happy with it and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a perfectly safe and energy-saving heating/cooling device that can be used year-round. The EcoHeat S reviews written by both customers and experts reflect the multiple advantages offered by this portable, versatile and low-cost heater.

They love the fact that it's not only safe, but also easy to use, simply by selecting the function of their choice (Hot/Warm/Natural Wind). It's a great energy-saving option while retaining complete functionality and offering impressive coverage for such a small, compact device. With an overall rating of 4.8 stars, EcoHeat S certainly lives up to any expectations.

Where Can I Order EcoHeat S?

Customers from across the globe can order this top-rated compact and energy-efficient space heater exclusively from the manufacturer's official website. You can rest assured that you will get the authentic EcoHeat S heater at the most affordable price and even better, for a limited time only, you are able to purchase it with a whopping 50% discount, plus free shipping on every order anywhere in the world.

With a modern, sleek design and built-in safety features, EcoHeat S makes a great gift for your family members and friends. You can choose the best-selling packages "Buy 3, Get 2 Free" or the popular one "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" and give your loved ones the perfect ceramic heater for year-round use, while saving valuable money.

Supplier of the Product

The revolutionary yet low-cost portable space heater EcoHeat S is supplied by the European branch of the renowned manufacturer Hyper Sls.. Should you have any inquiries or concerns about this product, do not hesitate to get in touch with their customer support team either via email at or by phone at +44 20 3808 9234, available 24/7, regardless of your location.

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