The Longest Ride

By: Nicholas Sparks


This book is about two different people who come from two different worlds. One from a "farmer" who always has something to fix and do and a fine bull rider. Then you have another person who comes from the city but got a scholarship to come down to North Carolina on a scholarship. These two meet at a bull riding competition where the guy becomes the hero, after an annoying ex- boyfriend tries to fake his way back into her life. Then you have the other half of the story of a adorable old man who shares his love story with his beloved wife Ruth, how they met and fell in love, this all comes into play when he gets into a car crash and see's a blurry vision of his wife. And now its your turn to read the book!

Why did i Enjoy this Book??

  • I Enjoyed this book because i got to see all of the different aspects of the book from the movie. The movie is i would say a lot different, but i got to see all of the different way's and ideas that the author had.

Information about the Author

  • He then attended the University of Notre Dame
  • He lived in Minnesota, then Los Angeles, later Grand Island, Nebraska, and finally Fair Oaks, California
  • He now lives in North Carolina

Why recommend this book???

  • I would Recommend this book because, in my opinion this is one of the best Nicholas Sparks movies/ books. If your one of those girls who want a cowboy, this book will make you want a cowboy even more, it makes you want to fall in love with the book.