8th Grade Math

With Ms. Johnston - Week of November 30th

In Our Class

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! This week students will be learning more about estimating radicals and learning what a cube and cube root is. Students will also learn how to solve equations with radicals and exponents. We will be taking our unit test on Friday, so we will spend part of the week reviewing.

Students have a homework sheet this week that was given out on Monday, November 30th. It will serve as a study guide for the unit test!

The unit test will be over the following topics:

Exponent Rules

Scientific Notation (converting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing)

How Many Times Bigger

Volume of a Cylinder and Cone

Perfect Squares

Estimating Radicals/Square roots

Solving Equations with Radicals

Important Dates

December 4 - Unit Test

December 9 - Early Release Day

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Our class website is http://sejohnstonmath.weebly.com

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