Hugo Chavez



Hugo Chavez was born July 28, 1954 in Sabaneta, Venezuela, the second of seven children. At 17, Chavez went to the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences then, as he grew older, he went into the Venezuelan Army. Chavez became an Army Paratroop Lt. Col. But, later on, Chavez had doubts about the army and their methods, he then also became dissatisfied with the new president, Carlos Andres Perez. Chavez began planning a military coup against the president, in hopes that he could intercept and take custody of Perez who at the time was returning from an overseas trip. His coup wasn't successful, and Chavez later gave himself up to the government, and was arrested.

Chavez was freed later on by the Centrist National Convergence Party. He rapidly grew popularity, traveled around in hopes of gaining even more support, then became friends with Castro. He then began a Bolivian movement which caused controversy. In the 1998 elections, Chavez promised widespread social and economic reforms that won over the poor and working class. Chavez was then brought into presidency from 1999-2013. While in power, Hugo Chavez created a new constitution. He then was re-elected for a six-year term under his new constitution. Demonstrations break out causing Chavez to back down for one day. People then began protests to call Chavez out of presidency but, he had 59% of the votes and remained in power. Chavez completed 3 terms of presidency before dying of cancer in 2013.