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Monthly Literacy Newsletter for FTS, by Holli Van

April Coaching Menu

Each month, I would like to offer two extremely specific areas of focus for our coaching meetings and visits. Please use the linked google form to suggest topics in which you would be interested (for future months)! Thank you! :) http://goo.gl/forms/99F2odx4Sd

April Offerings

(to sign up, email me with dates and times that work for you!)

  • Conferring 101 -- review architecture of a 1:1 reading / writing conference; I will model conferences with your students and then we will debrief during a planning / prep period. For beginners or those who wish to review.
  • Writing Learning Targets -- Have you heard the term "personalized learning" being thrown around? Learning targets are the basis for personalized learning. Learn and practice to reframe CCSS objectives in student friendly language.

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Strategy of the Month

Finding the Main Idea

Readers can find the main idea by sorting and labeling.

(* Great for ELL or students who still struggle with this skill. *)

  1. Have students sort picture cards. Record their strategies on a chart. (see photo)
  2. Have students take one category and re-sort into smaller, more specific groups. Record those strategies on chart as well.
  3. Discuss possible labels for each group. Essentially, the label is the main idea of the group.
  4. Move to text - cut up one paragraph into sentences, or several paragraph of text, and apply the strategies from the chart.
  5. Discuss possible label for the paragraph; this is the main idea.



Friday, April 8th, 7:30-10am

384 West Main Street

Freehold, NJ

ELA Department Meetings

Tuesday, April 19th, 2:30-3:30pm

384 West Main Street

Freehold, NJ

This meeting is being held "virtually."

  • Please complete your "ELA Department Meeting: District Writing Goal" document, with your grade level colleagues. Send to Holli and Christine. :)
  • Refer to Dr. Haimer's email from 3/22, regarding district goal data and Genesis.

** 4/19 is a soft deadline.**

Voice & Choice in Literature Circles

Tuesday, April 26th, 2:30-3:30pm

Clifton T Barkalow Middle Schl, Freehold, NJ, United States

Freehold, NJ

Back by popular demand...

"Voice & Choice in Literature Circles."

PD presented by Holli & Rob Albanese

See forthcoming email for details.

Holli Van Albanese

ELA Program Coordinator

Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School

Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School