What do they want?

My Big Question: Where does Isis get their weapons?

Isis may have gained weapons from the U.S.A. The United States dropped 28 packages to local fighters in Kobani most contained weapons. 1 of the 28 packages drifted of target. A U.S. Military Official says the U.S. went back and blasted it. Later that day a video posted on social media shows an Isis fighter with a parachute crate, the video goes on to show the contents of the crate which are hand grenades and mortar rounds. It is still unconfirmed if it was the U.S. airdrop "U.S. airdrops give much needed aid in Kobani, but did ISIS get some?" CNN Wire 22 Oct. 2014. Junior Edition. Web. 26 May 2015.

What does Isis plan to do?

Isis wants to establish a caliplate. They also want to kill all Americans and people that are not members of the same faith.

Who is Isis?

Isis is an Islamic terrorist group who wants to restore their faith.

Decapitation and Hostages

Isis is well known for taking Hostages and showing no mercy. Isis is also know for decapitating its hostages 2 american journalists were decapitated and a video of it was sent to the U.S.