Greenbrier Primary

Book Fair & Updated School Policies


GRp Spring Book Fair

Thursday, March 24th through Friday, April 1st


Book Fair Schedule

Thursday, March 24th- Preview Day

Friday, March 25th- Preview Day

Monday, March 28th- 9:45 -1:15 Purchases

Tuesday, March 29th- 9:45 -1:15 Purchases

Wednesday, March 30th- 9:45 -1:15 Purchases

Thursday, March 31st- purchase - 9:45 -1:15 Purchases

Friday, April 1st- 9:45 -1:15 Purchases


Only students with money should be sent to the Book Fair after the Preview Day.

All teachers should create an Ewallet. This will enable families to donate money to the purchase of books for your class. .

Book Fair Volunteers Needed

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Please contact if you would like to volunteer your time and a member of the PTA Board will be in contact with you.


Order Your Yearbook Today

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Roc Solid Ready Bags

Roc Solid Ready Bags

The donations that GRP collected for the Roc Solid Foundation have been delivered. The items will be used to pack Ready Bags for families in need from over 80 children's hospitals across the US. They have a goal of delivering 3200 Ready Bags this year, and we know they will be well on their way with all of your help. We thank you all for your help and support with this amazing fundraiser; GRP Families are the best.


UPDATED School Policies

Visitors Policy - Starting Monday, MARCH 21

All visitors must report to the security desk in the main foyer upon entering the building to sign in. All visitors who are not CPS employees must sign in through Raptor and receive a visitor’s badge. Upon completion of visits, guests must sign out at the security desk, and return the badge. This procedure is necessary to ensure that our students are safe, to have an accurate occupancy count in case of emergency, and to be sure that all persons on school property during school hours are here on school business. Parents may drop off lunch money, homework, or other forgotten items at the security desk. We will see that your child gets these items.

* Parent volunteers must have approval from the classroom teacher prior to arrival.

School Lunch - Starting Monday, MARCH 21

Parents and guardians are welcome to join their child for lunch during the child's regular scheduled lunchtime. Only names provided by the parents on the student’s profile sheet will be cleared for visitation / lunch visits with our students. All other family members and guests are required to have written permission from the parent/guardian prior to joining a child for lunch. We will accept lunch from outside establishments.

Parent Lunch Safety Rules

1. Parents may eat lunch with their child at the parent table. This is always a special and exciting time! However, due to the growing number of food allergies, other classmates must eat at their classroom's designated table.

2. Please only include your student when taking digital or cell phone pictures.

3. Please help us to reinforce our cafeteria expectations while visiting with your child.

4. If your student needs to use the restroom, please have your student raise his/her hand so that a staff member can give permission.

5. Visiting siblings are required to remain with their parents at all times.

6. Parents should escort visiting sibling(s), if there is a need to use the restroom.


The staff cannot distribute students’ addresses or phone numbers for the purpose of birthday invitations. Invitations cannot be distributed in classrooms during the instructional

day. They can be sent home in brown envelopes on Thursdays if they are sent to the entire class – please plan ahead and send them in plenty of time. Student birthdays are recognized during the day. Birthdays are a special day for everyone. For consistency, no birthday treats will be accepted for the remainder of this year.

Classroom Observations

We encourage parental involvement in the learning process and understand that parents may want to visit their child's classroom during instructional time. If you would like to visit your child's classroom, you may pre-schedule a one time, 30-minute visitation with your child's teacher. Thank you for your continued support and understanding of these guidelines. Only parents and legal guardians will be permitted to observe in the classroom.


Join the Celebration

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Congratulations to Mrs. Glaize, this years Teacher of the Year, who was also selected as a finalist for all of Chesapeake Public Schools.

Facebook post: Mary Glaize_GRP

Twitter post: Mary Glaize_GRP