Carson's Home

Needs and Priorities


When i get older, i want 3 kids. I'm gonna need 4 bedrooms, one master and the rest around the same size. I need 1 huge bathroom, with a nice shower and bathtub. i want 3 other bathrooms in the other rooms. For the 3 small bedrooms they need just a shower and small toilet. I need a normal size kitchen, i need a stove, microwave and a nice fridge.

Other Needs-

In my house i want a pretty big movie room, also a big laundry room. Considering I will hopefully have 5 people in my house, we will have a lot of laundry, so i will need space. In the master bedroom I want a big closet, in the other 3 just normal size, small closets. On my walls to be either white or dark red, and I will add brighter colors to the walls. I need good running water that is safe to drink, and I need a good reliable security system. If i have 5 people in my house I need to be 100% that they are safe at home.