TPCA Nifty News

March 24, 2015

Site Plan Study to Begin on New HS Facilities!

We have exciting news as we are moving full steam ahead on our new HS facility plans! Several important components are happening behind the scenes, such as feasibility study interviews and meetings with key partners. But one of the big first steps for us is to begin our site plan study.

What is that you ask? I asked, too. I learned this gets us answers like: where will the utility lines go; what kind of dirt is there; where will the dirt need to be moved and how much; are there hidden gas or water sources. Lots of fun engineerish type stuff. Sounds expensive, yes?

GREAT NEWS EAGLE NATION!! Some very generous supporters have provided the funding to begin the site plan study! Many thanks to our donors and praises to God for providing for this next step!

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Speaking of Future Plans (the future is NOW)....Are You Remembering To Pray?

We continue to seek God's wisdom and direction as we work through the final phases of planning and begin site prep on new high school facilities and further to develop academic plans for this fall. (See the graphic and linked Future of the School presentation below). Please join us in continuing to pray for God's blessing on TPCA and clear direction for our Board of Directors and administration, good weather for building, etc. Pick up a prayer card at the front office desk to help guide you if you don't already have one. (Hint - it looks like this photo above). Thanks!!

No More Loneliness Thanks to the New Buddy Bench

I'm guessing we've all been there. You didn't have anyone to play with on the play ground, weren't picked for the PE class team, that sort of thing. Thanks to our kindergarten staff, kids and families, there's a great way for kids to avoid the playground lonelies: the Buddy Bench. This bench will be on our playground, and any child who feels lonely or needs a friend can sit on the bench. All the kids will keep an eye out and invite anyone on the bench to come and play with them.

So far the bench is a huge hit! We are already hearing great stories from parents about how their children saw someone on the bench, invited them to play and found a new friend! What a fabulous way for our kids to live out this year's school theme of "Love One Another"! We are so grateful to our kindergarten folks for leading the way on this and helping raise our students' awareness of others. (Check out the bench on our playground - it's super nice!)

8th Graders Get Personal West Point Tour From TPCA Alum

Our 8th graders just returned from their week-long American Heritage trip out east. One of the highlights of that trip each year is their visit to West Point Academy in New York. We always try to expose our students to different types of post-secondary options, including our nation's military schools.

This year our kids had a very special treat at West Point. They were joined by long-time TPCA student, Sarah Nakata, a freshman at West Point this year, who gave them a personal tour of this historic campus. Sarah was a student at Traders for most of her schooling, from kindergarten through 8th grade. Sarah shared about life at West Point, what it takes to be appointed to such a prestigious school and dispelled (or confirmed) rumors about basic training. This was a great experience for our kids. We are so proud to claim Sarah as a TPCA student! (Sarah is centered in the photo below in West Point Gray and, unfortunately, her arm in a sling - long story).

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Info Meeting April 7th: Is God Calling Your Family To Host An International Student In 2015-2016?

Hopefully you know that Traders has a history of welcoming international students into the academy. We've had kids here from Brazil, South Korea, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, China, Guatemala - lots of fun places. This year we have had five students from China and five on a short-term program from Guatemala.

Why do we do this? Because it's wonderful for us to share Jesus with them, and it's wonderful for our students to learn about God's world and other cultures through our visitors. These kids are pretty far from home, and most of them need a family while they are here. That's where you fit in.

As our international program grows, we need host families for many of the students who attend TPCA. We are seeking host homes for 2015-2016:

  • We hope to have six students visiting from Guatemala from mid-October through mid-December. This is a two month commitment to host a student.
  • We already have five Chinese students enrolled for fall, two of which need a home. This is a full year commitment from late July through May.

We will host an information meeting after spring break on April 7th at 7:00 pm. Please prayerfully consider opening your home to one of our international students. For more information, contact Mrs. Kanzler at

Summer Plans? SpringHill Camp & MORE

TPCA Summer 2015 Camp Options

Traders Point Christian Academy offers learning opportunities each summer for children aged three years through high school. Whether you enroll in an academic course, enrichment course, or sign up for an athletic camp, your experience will be both fun and challenging. Whether you want to stretch your mind, strengthen your body, or develop your talents, we hope you will join us!

Note: We are especially excited to offer the wildly popular SpringHill Camp this year for children entering grades 1 - 5. We've been working for years to offer this camp for our students and community, and we FINALLY WORKED IT OUT! Even if you have other options for the week of June 8 - 14, you will not want to miss SpringHill Camp!!

Click here to check out and register for any and all of our summer camp options. Bring your friends!

TPCA Grad Blocks BIG at Northwestern U

TPCA Class of 2012 grad, Alex Olah, is a big man....all seven foot tall of him, to be exact. Alex is the starting Center for the Northwestern University men's basketball team. This season he achieved something few college players ever accomplish - he is the new school career blocks record holder with 137! And he's only a junior, with another year to go. We are so proud of Alex and LOVE cheering for him and the Wildcats!

Educational Punny Story of the Week

I thought I'd share a conversation that occurred in our preschool this week. Ain't learnin' fun?

Today during calendar time [in one of our Fours classes]:
Mrs Traci Lavender: what day is today?
Students recited all the days and decided it was Friday.
Mrs. Lavender says: "no it is not Friday"
Meanwhile a student shouts "it's Wednesday!"
Mrs. Lavender: "yes it is!
Student: "I know because I have my Wednesday panties on!"

Lesson to parents - make sure you put the right day panties/briefs on so you know the day of the week!

Rapid Reminders (things we really want you to remember)

  • 2015-2016 Enrollment for Current Students - ongoing
  • Financial Aid - applications still accepted
  • Scholarships for 2015-2016 - now available on our website
  • Open Enrollment for New Students - now open and ongoing until we fill up
  • SpringHill and Summer Camp Signups - now open
  • International Student Hosting Info Meeting - Tuesday, April 7th @ 7:00 pm