Nicole Horlacher

I'm not in Kansas anymore

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About Me...

As the title suggests, I was born in Kansas. I moved down to Florida right before middle school and have lived in Saint Johns since then.

My declared major is chemistry, but I may decide to major or double major in forensic science. Joining the EXCEL program was entirely an impulse decision on my part. My mom had looked it up, told me that I could get extra math help if I signed up, and handed me the computer. I had no information beyond that. Luckily, it will force me to do my math homework in a place where I have no reasons not to ask for help.

3D Art

Pottery and ceramics was my favorite high school class by leaps and bounds. Though I wasn't sure that I was good enough or creative enough, I decided to take AP 3D Art Portfolio during my senior year. Several of my pieces ended up winning awards or being put on display and, much to my surprise, I got a 5 on my AP portfolio. Below are some of the pieces that I made.


Sadie is my 13-year-old baby. She is a lab-chow mix which makes for a very interesting personality. It can only be described as bipolar, but I love her to death anyway.