Neal Shusterman

The Chosen Ones

When a family finds that they do not like or want their child, they sign a contract to be unwound. That means that they are taken to a camp and then have their body parts torn apart. The body parts are then sent to other places but this bunch of kids, they refuse.

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On their Way

When Conner makes a plan to commence form the life of an unwound his journey starts of a bit bumpy. Conner was expecting him to be the lone wolf wolf type but things change when Risa gets involved. Risa another unwound is found by Conner and they begin their journey to survive.

Where Are They?


We have been running for hours no way of knowing where we are going or if we are going to live. Nowhere to go and no place to call home. It is dark and scary and we are in a dark alley. Why? Because that is the only place that we can stay. I don't know if I will ever have another home cooked meal or if I will ever sleep in another bed again, before I get unwound.

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I see Risa and I look in her eyes and see the worry. She is tough and strong but even I can not live in this world and have no fear. This dark alley is the best I can do for her. I admirer her strong outer appearance but I know that she misses her old life and that she is scared about what will happen next.

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This alley is gross I know that I am a guy and that I should suck it up but, EW! The alley at the same time is perfect the grossness and darkness gives me a chance to plan when I will betray these two and turn them in. Maybe this alley aint to bad.

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