Donald John Trump

His Life Story

Donalds Early Life

Donald Trump grew up in Queens, New York. His parents were Frederick C. and Mary Mecleod Trump. Donald was fortunate to grow up with five siblings. Donald lived in a rich home with rich parents witch caused him to be a trouble maker as a kid. Donalds parents sent him to a military school in upstate New York. There are many reasons he was sent to military school but the main reason was to get the trouble out of little trump.

What Challanges Did He Face

As a child Donald Trump did not fit in with the group as well as the other people; Some say that he was better of on his own. Most of his struggles came from the big apple with New York was about broke. The Trump family was a rich family which led to him being a spoiled brat! In Donald's later life he had gotten a small loan of 1 million dollars from his father to start his business; but in all of his try's they failed. Which led him into bankruptcy multiple times.

Donald Succeeds

Fun Facts

Donald Trump Married a Scottish immigrant in 1936. Donald's father died in 1999 at the age of 93.