January 18th, 2016



After a very difficult couple of weeks, I begin to think about what we need as a staff and team. In my thinking, I thought about how we have themed our year with the motto, "TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY." I also began to reflect on our first semester, and came to the conclusion that we need to define the five championship goals for our second semester. Now, this is obviously my list, and therefore, may not coincide with everyone on our team. But I hope that one, or a couple of these, may find agreement or alignment with each of you.

1. PRIDE - This is the first goal, which we tackled early this year. Although we have improved in this area, there is still room to continue. We are just pushing the needle to where we want it. To continue our goal in reviving pride in our school, we must stay true to the commitment we made first semester. We must model a positive attitude daily, and reinforce that Wes-Del is unique in so many ways.

2. RISK - We need to remember the girl on the ski slope. Many times taking risk will be scary and we will have to exit our comfort zone. Many times risk can be fought back with resistance, and the idea of change can overwhelm us. We can incorporate risk in many of the tasks we are being asked to do currently. Change will be met with skepticism. Right now we are very skeptical of changes being made, but if we get a better understanding for what we are doing, we can be creative in the way we change for the better of our students and school.

3. GROW - There are several ways we need to grow second semester. We need to grow individually and as a team. We need to take the risk, and to develop new teaching strategies that will meet the students today. This will be done with a hard look at our current methods, and then creative solutions to change for the better. We also need to grow as a family, mentoring the new family members, and developing our roles within the team.

4. DEVELOP OUR CULTURE - We have a great opportunity before us. We have the chance to build a culture from the ground up. This will be done by combining the traditions, stories, and personalities of our past, with the innovation, creativity, and forward thinking of our present. This development of culture needs to consist of an energy and enthusiasm to create a school and workplace unlike any other. If we succeed, we develop a school where success is expected and celebrated, and our students thrive!

5. CELEBRATE - It is time to celebrate our greatness. We need to celebrate the moments that are not found in test scores, school grades, and report cards. We need to celebrate our students, not just the top performers, but all students even if we really have to dig deep. We need to celebrate our staff. We need to recognize and share in the accomplishments of our peers. We need to support and encourage innovative ideas, and especially risk takers. We need to celebrate our school. We need to use any avenue necessary to share the greatness within our building and school community. We need to become our own marketing department. Why stay silent, when so many great things happen daily at Wes-Del.

These are the five championship goals I feel we need to keep in focus for the remainder of this school year. It's been a hard couple of weeks, but they are over. It's time to get back to business, and get back to developing the best school in our state. We have the tools, the people, and the determination to make the change we want to see. Let's come together as a team and complete our championship run. TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY!

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This weeks "Warrior Teacher Spotlight" shines on three of our teachers who were awarded Bell Grants for this 2015-2016 school year. Those three teachers are Mrs. Cullum, Mrs. Nicholson, and Mrs. Lee. Congratulations to each of you on being awarded these wonderful educational grants!


Wednesday, January 20th

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The annual Wes-Del "Coaches vs. Cancer" basketball game is this Friday, January 22nd. The Warriors will be hosting the Delta Eagles in a rematch of this year's first round of the Delaware County Tournament. The Wes-Del Elementary Relay for Life will be here taking donations for the fight against cancer. Please come out and support our fight, by raising funds and watching our Warriors defeat the Eagles!