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It is time for your PDP mid-year review. Go into the system, answer the box about progress thus far, and submit. (OK, those directions are from memory.)

Panorama Survey: Due to the snow day, this was extended! Can we do one more push in advisory this week? We are at 45% completion. Remember, there are TWO surveys for them to take.

Graduate Data: I will pass around a paper spreadsheet. If you are interested in helping, sign up to contact 2-3 and we can talk about the info you need to gather.

I have to submit some photos for the ASBJ article. Since we have plenty to pick from, if you have a favorite photo that captures what we do (and is a good quality picture), please send it to me!

Monday: MLK JR DAY

Tuesday: LMS Staff to visit 7:45-8:30

Voc Rehab in AM

Great for Parents/Educators: ANGST will be screened at Liberty North High School on January 21 at 6:00 p.m.


Thursday: MN at Principals Meeting 8:15-10:30

Ottawa Alternative to Visit LA



Safe Schools Due 1/24

Secondary Staffing Conversations--Talk to me by Wed if you have an idea.

NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

2/14: District PD Day

LA Staff Member of the Year!

As we have in the past, LA will have ONE staff member represent LA as the Staff Member of the Year. Basically, if you are a District employee and work at LA, you are eligible for this nomination!

Congratulations to the 2020 Nominees:

Andrea Johnson

Summer Kelley

Mark Krause

Ted Maxwell

Paul Richardson

Nick Schwieder

Lori Streu

You will get a separate email asking you to vote! Please do this by Wednesday!

HOPE Award Winners...STILL A SECRET....but WHO wants to present?

WHO is willing and able to present for this year's winners? Let me know!

Secondary Awards: Thursday, February 27, 6:30 pm, Heritage Middle School

Personal Initiative: Angelina

Humanitarian: Gabriel

Courage: Cameron Roberson

Integrity: Caleb

SEL Lesson for NEXT Week (Jan 27-31)

Big picture

Circle: Have you tried to practice active listening? Did you notice anyone respond differently to you? What was most difficult? Who is someone you look up to as a role model and why?

Skill Introduction: Define “social role” (the part a person plays at a given time as a part of a given social group; how we present ourselves to others and how others expect us to behave in a particular situation) for students and help them understand the different roles they play in different settings. No one lives in a single role; people do not act exactly the same in every role.

Some roles are prosocial and some are antisocial. The latter are roles that go against laws, harm others, or violate standards of safety and health.

Just because we act differently in different situations with different people does not make us less real or authentic. Human beings have many different facets, and the more prosocial roles we are prepared to take on, the better we are likely to do in life.

Journal: Write down as many of the social roles you play that you can think of (musician, leader, teammate, daughter, brother, etc). Which ones do you feel most confident/capable in? Which are more challenging, stressful, or uncomfortable? Put a check mark by the roles you feel you are good at; place an X next to the ones you’d like to do better at.

Substance Abuse Groups at LA

Great news!! Let's talk about HOW we can get this off the ground quickly!

As part of the Children's Services Fund, we have the ability to offer substance use groups or individual therapy. Lisa Rau, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) is a therapist with Tri-County Mental Health Services who will be working in LPS. Lisa plans to be available in LPS from 9:00 - 3:30.

To access services, your teams will need to follow these steps:

  1. Groups: Parents will need to fill out and return this permission slip. Students can begin meeting in groups once this is returned.
  2. Individual Therapy: Care Team will make a referral using the link. Please check "Substance Use Therapy" in the services requested section. Our district team reviews this form every other week.

We will create Lisa's schedule based on need and interest. It is likely that she will not be able to make it to all three high schools in one day. Let me know as soon as possible if you have students or groups who can begin working with her.

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