Second Grade

November Newsletter

October was a busy month and we must have been having fun because it flew by. Take a look at some of the memories we made. Then, read on to learn about what we have planned for the month of November!


Talk, Think and Write

This month we will work on talking, thinking and writing about reading. This unit follows, and builds on, the work the children did in the previous unit. The students will work with partners, and in small groups, to discuss what they have noticed about characters they encounter in their reading. They will identify important ideas in text, develop ideas about text, and use text to support their ideas, In addition, the children will reflect on ideas, grow and change ideas and learn ways to start and sustain conversations about their reading.



In writing, our unit of study will be Revision. The students will learn that revision is the process by which writers make their pieces better. We will continue to write small moments and paragraphs about subjects we know and care a lot about. The children will be encouraged to add dialogue and emotion as well as add/take away unrelated parts, all while paying attention to proper sequencing of events.

In addition, we will be sending an invitation to a Publication Celebration soon. Keep a look out in the Friday Folders for the details!


Length and Weight

During math we will recognize and use meters, centimeters, yards, feet, and inches, kilograms, grams, pounds and ounces. As we measure objects we will use our estimation skills and add and subtract lengths. We will read scales and estimate the weight of objects. We will also add and subtract weights.

Social Studies

Winter Solstice

We will begin to learn about the winter solstice and reflect on how different areas of the world celebrate this time of year using light. We will discuss how the winter solstice effects the world, particularly Europe.