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What's going on in Tangerine?

- Paul and his family are moving out of town, for dad's job.

- Paul's family moves from their hometown to Tangerine, Florida.

- Paul's brother,Erik, is joining the football team, and meets a new rival, Mike Costello.

- Erik turns out to be really good kicker, and is accepted into the team.

- The family experiences the weird events and patterns of the weather in Tangerine.

- Erik and Paul start school, and Paul is introduced to a guide for him being a "vision impaired student".

- He gets upset at his mom for being overprotective at him.

- Paul tries to figure out the patterns and causes of the lightning in the city.

- Paul does tryouts for the soccer team as goalie.

- Erik surprises some of his teammates, and gets onto the team.

Erik Fisher Football Team Update

-As though Erik and Paul Fisher are brothers, they are very different. Paul does not get favored and the attention as Erik, while Erik gets most of the attention from his family and friends. They both play sports, but Erik is the best on his team, and his family provides their attention for his sport. Paul does not get attention for this sport as much as Erik, although he is pretty good at being goalie of his soccer team. Since Erik can also play soccer, the two brothers can both play soccer. In conclusion, they can both play soccer, plays sports, and is pretty good at their sport, but Erik is more favored than Paul.

Tragedy Strikes

On Tuesday, September 5th, the news of Mike costello spreads around the town of tangerine.At first, Erik and Author ( Erik's friend) comes home and delivers the news of Mike's death to Paul and mom, that mike Costello was hit by lightning.
Paul then sees Erik and author joking around of Mike's death, and realizes that his death was a good thing for Erik Fisher's football team. Paul thinks that his brother was very cruel, for being happy for having a removal for a rival in his team.

MOYA close-up

Some MOYA problems they have are: the sports team, handicap, and weather. The cause of the sports team is because of the other kids. The effect of this is that players have to get pulled out of class, and miss education, to. The cause of handicap for paul was when his mom told and signed a form about Paul's visually impaired eyesight. The effect of this was that Paul had to have a guide to follow him, which could have caused stress for his school days. Finally, the cause of the weather is the lightning that hits every day. The effect of this is a student's health, because it can cause severe injury, or even death, like Mike costello.

Erik Fisher's Football team

Join the Erik Fisher's football team! On october 20th, tryouts are available at the middle school field. To try out, you will need to print out the liability form on the school website, and bring extra clothes with you, for after practice. Also, you will need to know what position you are playing, and the name of your coach that you will try out with, which will be sent by email. Thank you!