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What is a Park Ranger?

Now, Park Rangers are basically the law enforcers and doctors of the forest. Park Rangers spend most their days walking around the park looking for things like injured animals, lost people, forest fires, and sometimes they even guide a tour of the park. Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park? Well if so you will see some lucky rangers on horseback, others guiding tours, and some walking around the park in the more threat to forest fire areas. (Some lucky rangers get to rid in a car.)

How do I become a park ranger?

Park rangers need to be trained in a lot of things. They have to respond to medical help for tourists and animals, they have to know search and rescue, need to be physically fit, know the conditions for a forest fire, know the laws of the state, and also have keen eye site. Now, most park rangers have a bachelor's degree, but on occasion, some men and women after high school are accepted.

What will I be facing as a park ranger?

Not only will you be facing the responsibilities as a park ranger, but also the environment itself. It all depends on what park you get into but most of the time you will be facing animals, hills, ponds, and also the sun.

What will I wear?

Now, a rangers uniform consists of a button-up shirt (usually green or tan) with a tie, badge, and name tag) dress up pants (green khakis) and also an Eisner (cowboy like hat.) You will also be carrying in most circumstances bear spray and a firearm (have to be certified for that.)
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What is the pay?

Now, it all depends on your location and if it is seasonal or year round. On average a seasonal ranger can make $15 an hour. Full-time rangers can make as much as $80,000 a year.

What traits should I have?

Love of nature, ability to work well on a team or in remote isolation, excellent physical condition, outstanding communication skills, and an ability to stay calm in an emergency. Not only that but you should be athletic so that when your hiking around the park you don't get exhausted because of the physical endurance you need.

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