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Overview of the Week

For those of you that don't know Lake Windsor is a lake located in a newly built subdivision. A lot has been happening there. For one, the fish are disappearing. People are worried because the fish are an expensive breed Koi, a unique breed of goldfish. On another note, some soccer team members are outraged because they denied there best goalie a spot on the team. This is because he is visually impaired. see below for a full list of what has happened.

other major events

  • Mike Casellio was struck by lightning (see below)
  • a new kid, named Paul Fisher came to town
  • the carnival come to town
  • the football team got a new good kicker
  • the soccer team at the middle school got cought vandalizing an exhibit at the carnival
  • the football team moved there practice to the morning
  • there was a muck fire

paul vs eric's life

There were 2 new brothers that moved to town, Paul and Eric. They are very different yet similar click on the video below to see there differences and similarities, as seen by our expert, Caleb Hortman
la project

MIke casello dead

As you may have heard already, mike is dead (see above). The event doesn't have much mystery and there was no investigation. can you guess the cause of his death. nope it wasn't a murder, or even a fire, no something more impossible, a lighting strike. It was all a fine day at school. after school there was football practice. and then, as usual a storm came. this was typical for the football players, and they didn't stop practice. but that was a big mistake. lighting struck one of the field goals and mike was near by. the lighting arched out and it killed him. This has caused the football team, after a large fight, to move practice to mornings instead.

local MOYA experences

October is MOYA or month of the young adolescent. There are several adolescent issues faced by our very own Paul and Eric fisher. The first is feeling like your siblings are better than you. This is common among children especially adolescents. This is caused by more attention being given form one to the other. It causes the siblings to fight or if they don't fight they internalize it. Another issue is that you really want to it in and be in on anything. another adolescent problem is the desire to fit in, this is faced by Arthur when he holds the ball for Eric fisher. This desire is fueled by not wanting to be lonely and not have any friends. It causes you to lose yourself and to be in a place, physically or mentally, where you never thought you'd be. The last and final issue is being discriminated. This happens to many young adolescents (like Paul for his sight) especially if they are handicapped. people discriminate because they actually hate people like that (although very rarely). It is usually caused because of insurance or some other reason. It causes you to feel like you can not do anything and be very sad. The people in our town have there adolescent problems and with a little help from us i think they can fix them

Mike casello servace project

Saturday, Oct. 24th, 7am to Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 7pm

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

Join us for a amazing service opportunity. We are making the town more lighting proof. Meet by the lake at 7. We will be installing lighting rods to buildings and doing several other things. This is all in honor of mike, who died by lighting strike. We are also accepting donations to help pay for his funeral.