Daphnee Potter

What is Psychology?

Psychologists are professionals that are dedicated to learning about social and mental behaviors, as well as aiding people with social, mental, and emotional problems. Therapy or counselling sessions play a big part in psychology, a career where there's always new discoveries and things to learn.
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Why Psychology is for Me

I am a freshman high school student, and an aspiring psychologist. My goal in life is to help others, and to save lives. My entire life has been -and will continue to be- dedicated to giving advice and changing the way people think, in order to improve lives. From resolving conflicts and repairing relationships between others, to convincing someone they're enough, I have helped people for as long as I can remember.


In order to get into a career of psychology, one must graduate both high school, as well as college. Here are some important tips about your education in this career.

  • While in high school, take classes that will prepare you for college. (I'm going to be taking a psychology class as well as American Sign Language.)
  • Select a college that has the courses you want.
  • Only take courses that apply to the branch of psychology you've chosen.
  • Know whether you're taking a research focused or clinically focused program.
  • Try classes from other branches, if you're not sure exactly where you want to go.
  • Work for a college degree that will give you an advantage in your career.

Psychology Branches

When selecting a specific branch of psychology to major in, consider the following:

  • What age group do you prefer working with?
  • Where do you hope to work? (Public facility, home office, hospital, etc.)
  • What specific problems do you hope to focus on in your clinical career? (mental disorders, divorce, abuse, etc.)
  • What are your strongest points when helping people, and what methods are effective?
  • What are you passionate about? You can take a passion of yours and allow it to blossom, in order to make your job more enjoyable.

These factors, and many more, will determine what your focus career should be.

Salary & Working Conditions

  • An annual salary for a psychologist can vary from $20,000- $110,000. This depends on experience, college degree, and most of all, the level of success.
  • Long hours both in and outside of the office often call for added stress to this career.
  • Hearing the issues of others can be emotionally draining.
  • Tight schedules can make it harder to separate psychology from everyday life outside of work.
  • One must be able to reason with clients who do not act rationally.