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Its been a stupendous start to the school year! Thank you to our PTA for the back to school photo background for our students and families! I’ve personally enjoyed meeting so many families at Back To School Night! The staff has been busy preparing for the students and to see the students finally coming into the school makes it feel complete. Keeping our students and staff safe is our number one priority. Thank you for stopping in the office if your child has forgotten something or if you needed some support from the office. Keeping a scheduled routine will help your child as they get back into the routine of school. Freedom Staff wants to thank you for all you do to help prepare your child for school we look forward to watch your child grow this school year!

Mrs. Kimmy Milligan

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From the Desk of Ms. Kayla Dragseth

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the 2023-24 school year! My name is Kayla Dragseth, and I am thrilled to be your school counselor at Freedom Elementary. I will also be accompanied by an additional half-time counselor, LeAnn Wahl, who will be with us 3 days a week.

Our role is to help students develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We are here to support each student’s growth and success by providing the following services:

Classroom Lessons

We will be presenting lessons in every classroom on topics including skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, and problem solving. We primarily utilize the Second Step Curriculum for these lessons.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available at the request of caregivers, students, and/or teachers to meet the academic, social/emotional, or personal needs of students. Students are able to meet with Ms. Kayla or Mrs. Wahl.

Small Group Counseling

Group counseling provides students with an opportunity to receive support from peers encountering similar situations and/or challenges. Group topics depend on the needs of students and may include friendship, anxiety, divorce, grief, and others.

For information about any of these services or to contact the counselor with questions you may have please contact Kayla Dragseth at (701) 499-3405 or

In September, students will meet their school counselors: Ms. Kayla and Mrs. Wahl. Students will learn about our role, and how counselors can help students be successful in school. Students will also begin their social-emotional lessons from the Second Step curriculum. Kindergarten will learn the important skills for learning, including: listening, being respectful, and focusing attention. They will become familiar with the phrases “Eyes watching, ears listening, voice quiet, body still”, “Think-Turn-Tell”, and “Focus attention”.

Students in grades 1st through 5th grade will review the listening skills that they have learned in previous years through Second Step. In 4th and 5th grade, we will also introduce the topic of empathy. Students will learn that when we have empathy for others, we are able to build a foundation for healthy relationships with others.

Become a Reading Corps Literacy Tutor

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Thousands of children need extra help to read at grade level. Take action as a tutor because kids who are strong readers by the end of 3rd grade are positioned to be strong learners for the rest of their lives.

Whether you’re looking to explore a new career in education, reenter the workforce or simply want to work with kids, you’re ready for the next thing. Become a North Dakota Reading Corps literacy tutor at Freedom Elementary and help students take a step up in their literacy abilities.

We are looking for people who are dedicated to our community. By joining Reading Corps, you can be part of a dedicated team trying to close the illiteracy gap in ND. Tutors are parents, grandparents, recent college grads, and mid-career professionals. You will guide students toward becoming successful readers by third grade, see real results and make a lasting impact in our students’ lives through this meaningful service. You’ll not only tutor students who need extra support; you’ll also make a meaningful connection with the school and our community.

During your 9 months of service as a Reading Corps tutor, you’ll receive extensive training, support and professional development opportunities. All necessary training is provided and no licensure is necessary. You’ll receive a monthly living stipend of $1,350 for half time (28-30 hours/week) positions or $1,025 for reduced half-time (20-22 hours/week) positions. In addition, as an AmeriCorps member position, tutors earn an education award of up to $3,247 to be used for college tuition and current student loans. (Tutors who are 55 or older may choose to gift their education award to a child, grandchild or foster child.)

Pass the word on to a friend or family member! Learn more and apply at


It would be very helpful for your learner to memorize their student id number. They use this number for meals, library checkout, and will continue to use it throughout their career as a West Fargo Public School student. This may be something new for your student to learn or it may be something to remember from last year!


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Did you know that our school breakfast and lunch menus can be found online?

Check them out here: Menus | West Fargo Public Schools (

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BUS RIDERS: Please use your bus tags to swipe on and off when riding the bus. This helps us keep track of all of our learners and keep them safe. If you do not have a bus tag, or lose your tag, please see Julie and Jenn in the office!

All students who utilize district transportation services are subject to the following rules:

  • Obey the bus driver.
  • Stay in your seat, facing forward, with legs and arms out of the aisle.
  • Keep your hands, head, and feet in the bus.
  • No eating or drinking while on the bus.
  • Bus riders will always conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner.

If the rules listed above are not followed, the following consequences will be enacted:

  • Low-Level Infractions: Students who violate low-level rules are subject to in-school consequences which are determined by the principal at each school. Upon third low level write up student may be subject to the high-level consequences.
  • High Level - 1st offense: Student will be removed from the bus for one week.
  • High Level - 2nd offense: Student will be removed from the bus for two weeks.
  • High Level - 3rd offense: Student will be removed from the bus for one month.
  • High Level - 4th offense: Student will be removed from the bus for the remainder of school year.
  • Severe Clause: Students may have their riding privileges suspend for longer durations for severe acts on the bus.
  • Revoking Clause: A student may have their bus riding privileges permanently denied for serious actions, or threats that pose a danger to others.


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When dining in or picking up to go orders and Mackenzie River will donate 20% of the order to support Freedom Elementary PTA. Event is all day, so invite friends, family, or coworkers to lunch or dinner on September 18th and mention Freedom Elementary when ordering -no flyer required. What a fun way to support your school!


Freedom Elementary is a schoolwide Title I school. Each year, the administration and staff meet to review the school’s data to determine a focus for goals and activities for the upcoming school year. Information is collected from various sources, including, but not limited to, parents, staff and student surveys, demographic data, achievement data, program data and perception data. This is all compiled to review and make decisions. These plans are laid out in continuous improvement goals that Freedom Elementary staff will work on throughout the upcoming school year. The following goals are our focus for the 2023-2024 school year.

1. All learners and educators are engaged in safe and compassionate learning environments that foster collaborative relationships and their well-being.

2.All learners are empowered to think critically, reflect, communicate, and achieve academic proficiency across all content areas and develop their profile of a graduate.

3. All learners are empowered to identify their passions, skills, and purpose, set goals, and determine a personalized pathway to thrive and contribute responsibly to the local and global community.

You may also view Freedom Elementary School’s Parent/Guardian Compact at the link provided below:


Through federal education law, parents have the right to request information on the professional qualification of the teachers and paraprofessionals at our schools.

If you are interested in learning this information, please contact the school administration office at (701) 356-5221.

Upon this request, you will receive a detailed explanation of the licensing, education, and experience of each of our teachers. You will also receive information regarding the names and qualifications of the paraprofessionals at our schools.



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School pictures will be held on September 21st. Watch for order forms to come home next week. Or preorder online: Use Access Code: F63TG9.



In February 2022, the Board created a Long-Range Facilities Planning Taskforce to assess the district's facility needs over the next 5-10 years. The Taskforce recommended projects to address challenges like rising enrollment, equal facility standards, and enhanced safety. Facility improvements of this size require a special election.

The special election will be on Tuesday, September 26th. Superintendent Slette will be hosting three community presentations to explain the projects and answer any questions community members may have. Every building in the district would see improvements if passed.

Community Bond Referendum Presentations:

  • Wednesday, September 6 @ 7:00 PM

Sheyenne High School Theater

  • Thursday, September 7 @ 7:00 PM

West Fargo High School Theater

  • Thursday, September 14 @ 7:00 PM

Horace High School Theater

Please consider joining us to learn more about this important election. More information can be found at



Theme: School Spirit!

Wear your school colors and apparel to be entered to win one of the door prizes!

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Reminder: Freedom Elementary is a Peanut Free/Tree Nut Free School. Please do not bring snacks and/or bag lunches with peanut butter or nut items.

We also follow our school district's guidelines for a healthy learning environment. Birthday treats are not allowed in the classrooms. Classrooms will use activities to celebrate birthdays instead.

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