Live through the words of the drum

talk with them too

Why You should Have a Talking Drum Today

In its origin of West Africa the Talking Drum is what they refer to as jeli, it is the blood to keeping its history alive. They were use for them emotion and initiation.

What it can do for you

  • Throw a Dance Party
  • Have a Drum it Out Session
  • Play Telephone Through the Drum
  • Have Rap Battles

When your up on your cellur data just use the drum to communicate

Drums for the Community

Talking Drums have a nicket for bring people together in good spirits, they start a whole new mood when played. People begain joining in either by dancing, singing, playing along with the drum or other instruments. Talking drums create a whole new atmosphere illumating and enanching life. This is the way life should be lived.

Come expirence the mind-blowing enlightment fun of the talking drums today

The talking drum

The drum has a pitch that mimic humans and can be altered by the player.

Has an hour glass shape with strings draping done attaching cover and bottom, allowing the sound changes

Comes in many different colors.