The Petrified Forest

Come to Petrified Forest and no you won't go home in stone


The beautiful Petrified Forest is an interesting, big, and pretty sight. When you are there there are tons and tons of things to do. While you are doing those things you will see many different species of animals.


If you were wondering where this beautiful place is, well you are in luck. It is in Northern Arizona. And if you love the warm weather, you will love it here.
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Thing To Do

One of the many things to do is hiking. If you love hiking in the day you can go hiking in the day but the real shocker is you can also go at night. An other amazing thing to do is to go horseback riding! There are tons of trails to ride on. Best of all you can go camping all day long and see many interesting and beautiful sights like all of the rock buildings with symbols on them that tell stories from a long, long, long time ago.


If you are on a tight budget and you want to go to a national park well the Petrified Forest is the place for you. For a one week visit (7 days) it costs $10. For an annual pass it costs $20. Cheap, right?

Days That It Is Open

The Petrified Forest is open all year round but Christmas (December 25). There are reduced hours in the winter, but don't worry, you can still learn about all of the same sights and how they got so pretty.

Things That Destroy The Park

If you were wondering what could destroy this park well you are reading the right thing. There are very few things that destroys this park but things that do are ice, rain, and snow. Please try not to spill water on the wood.
Images from National Park Services website