Renaissance Art Throughout The Ages

Exhibit of Famous Renaissance Artists And Their Best Works

About The Exhibit

The St. Peter Museum of Fine Arts has, for a short time, an exhibit of the four famous artists of the Renaissance period: Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael. This exhibit will include, fine replicas of their artwork, information about all of their pieces and all about their life.

Artists Throughout The Ages

Leonardo da Vinci

1452-1519 AD

(Copies of all artworks mentioned for each artist will be present at our exhibit.)

Artworks Include: Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man, Lady With an Ermine, The Last Supper, Madonna Litta

Leonardo da Vinci, born in the town Vinci, was an extremely influential man in the Renaissance period. He was an artist and a scientist, finding important discoveries in the field of science while painting masterpieces as well. His most famous piece, The Mona Lisa, was incredible back then and still is now. People come from all over to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. He created many pieces of artwork throughout his life, but that one remains the most famous. Da Vinci was influential to the field of art because of his fantastic works. People still line up all over to see what he has accomplished. Just the simple fact that people are still interested centuries later, show that da Vinci is an truly inspiring artist that will be remembered forever.



Artworks Include: Judith and Holofernes, Virgin and Child, The Crucifixion, and Penitent Magdelene

Donatello was a sculptor from Florence, Italy, who created many exquisite sculptors of people. He was taught the art by none other that Lorenzo Ghiberti, the famous sculptor. Donatello worked with Ghiberti in Florence and helped him with projects such as the Florence Baptistery doors. He did many individual projects, too. He used bronze for many of his works such as Donatello's most famous statue, the bronze David. It was known at that time to be the first free-standing human statue. Donatello influenced art today because he created many famous statues with incredible detail that people still study today.



Artworks Include: David, Creation of Adam, The Last Judgement, The Conversion of Saul, Bacchus.

Michelangelo was a sculptor, painter, poet, and architect from Caprese. He is considered by many as the greatest living artist of his lifetime, and since has been called the greatest artist of all time. His most famous pieces are the statue of David and the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. The statue of David is extremely well known because it is so remarkably detailed. Also, his painting of the Sistine Chapel is very famous because it is so vast and detailed. To paint that massive ceiling he had to lie down on a scaffolding- type platform and paint on his back, upside down for the whole ceiling. His work is so precious anyone who goes in there is not allowed to take pictures because it could ruin it. Michelangelo is a valued painter that many people still love today, and millions appreciate his artwork everyday.



Artworks Include: The School of Athens, Sistine Madonna, Galatea, Young Woman with Unicorn, Ezekiel's Vision

Raphael was an Italian painter and sculptor. He was known for his famous fresco The School of Athens. He had a very large workshop in Rome, where he worked constantly at creating his perfect masterpieces. It is said that his rival was Michelangelo, but the people favored some of his artworks, because he had more serene and harmonious qualities. Raphael had three phases to his artwork: his time in Urbino, his time in Florence, and his time in Rome. Each place he went influenced his artwork greatly, each time has different and new techniques and ideas within them. Raphael was regarded as a great artist and his works were described as the highest models.

Come and see this great exhibit for yourself at the St. Peter Museum of Fine Arts! We have many beautiful copies of these pieces along with more information supplied about these fanastic artists. Come and learn more and get a peek into the culture the Renaissance time period.