Tropical Moist Forest 🌺

By Audrina Henry

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The Rainforest

  • An average rainforest is very moist and has a lot of rain involved
  • A half amount of different species and plants in a rainforest
  • Most are flooded forests (freshwater or pests)
  • This rainforest can be different types such as Subtropical, Monsoon, Montane, and Mangrove
  • Even though you would see a lot of weird plants, animals, or insects
Quadrocopter HD - Tropical Rain Forest Creek

Where Are Most of These Forests From?

  • Africa
  • Indomalaya ( Indian Subcontinent & Southeast Asia )
  • Neotropic ( Northern South America & Central America )
  • Australasia ( Eastern Indonesia & New Guinea )
  • Oceania ( Basically Tropical Islands of the Pacific Ocean )
Tropical Rainforest - Sounds of Nature ASMR