Guiding Behavior

Set Limits

Setting limits is important for your child so he/she can know how far to take things.

When he ask for a snack make him chose an apple or banana.

Yes so they can start setting limits for them self

Encourage Independence

They say "ME do it '' because they want to be independent around this age.

It is important to have realistic expectations so you can know what a child can and can not do at a certain age.

What encourage independence is letting them do stuff like putting on socks ,shirt or shoes.

It is important for your child to learn help-skills so your child will know when hey need your help.

Promote Sharing

You can help your child learn sharing by placing him in a game or something were they have no choice but to share.

Dealing with aggressive behavior

Your child might demostrate bad behavior probly when he sleepy or when somethig don't go his way.

When your child is doing bad behavior you should tell them to stop or ask do they want to go to time out.

If your child is biting they might not know the difference between bitting on a toy or on a brother or sister.

If your child is throwing a fit over sharing a toy you should tell them to stop the say '' you will share or do you want to sit in time-out.